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Recent times have seen the rise of furniture stores across the world at large. With the changing times, and variations in the way customers now shop, furniture stores now transcend the regular brick and mortar stores known over the years. Online furniture stores are popping up now and then with attractive furniture options to select from, and physical showrooms are expanding in their numbers with each passing day. Because of the plethora of options, furniture buyers are now faced with on a daily basis; it is vital to carry out adequate research on the various furniture stores that exists before making a purchase. This is to ensure maximum satisfaction from the furniture purchase and protection of investment.

Where to purchase furniture

Because of the large volume of stores, you can pick from; it is recommended that you select the store that matches your preferences and requirements, so you don’t end up wasting your precious time moving from store to store. Know exactly what you want to get, it could be that you want more traditional furniture, or modern furniture, whatever the case may be, have an explicit specification in mind, else you might end up spoiled for choice as to what you should purchase.

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You will find out that furniture stores usually fall into the five categories listed below:

    • Specialty furniture stores

    • Warehouse membership furniture stores

    • Lifestyle furniture stores

  • Manufacturer branded furniture stores

  • Online furniture stores

Specialty furniture stores

These stores are specialty based, and they usually focus on a specific type of furnitures such as patio furniture or office furniture. Specialty furniture stores are suited for customers who know exactly what they want to purchase and also interior designers.

Warehouse membership furniture stores

These stores provide wholesale discount sales usually for an upfront sign-up fee. Warehouse membership furniture stores are ideal for utility and commodity shoppers.

Lifestyle Furniture Stores

A multipurpose furniture store where you can get all your everyday home furniture needs met such as tables, lamps, chairs and so on. They are best suited for DIYers who enjoy hackable items they can tailor to their taste.

Manufacturer branded furniture stores

One thing that is common with stores of this nature is that they specialize in one brand of furniture. These types of stores are tailored for luxury shoppers who see their furniture as an investment. Although the options are somewhat limited in these stores, shoppers have access to specific brands of a variety of items.

Online furniture stores

These stores usually offer lower prices than your average physical store due to the fact that overhead costs are significantly reduced. It is suitable for shoppers who are looking for a more pocket-friendly option along with other warranties

Getting the Best Price on Furniture

When going through online stores, you have to keep an eye out for special offers, promotional sales, and discount sales as well. Also, a bulk purchase can also qualify you for a discount offer. You can also take note of holiday sales, and Black Friday sales, as products are usually discounted at these periods.

Mind you; some stores charge you a variety of fees different from your purchasing fees such as shipping, delivery charges, and processing fees.

Quality of materials used in the manufacturing process of any piece of furniture is often a vital determinant on the price of any furniture. As an example, hardwood and rare wood furniture usually go for higher prices than those made out of plastic. You should keep in mind that quality places a vital role in the longevity and durability of any piece of furniture.

As a rule of thumb, you stand a chance of getting a great deal if you shop during the offseason. Remember, exterior furniture pieces are cheap during early fall and late summer seasons. On the other hand, interior furniture pieces are less expensive during early summer and late spring.

Places you can buy cheap furniture

Online stores are usually a safe bet if you are looking for a reliable place to get a great deal on a budget.

On the other hand, stores like IKEA have a couple of great deals you can pick from, but the shipping fees can be excessive at times. Hayneedle provides tons of discount and promotional sales. Direct Buy can be a reliable outlet to get a wholesale offer, although you have to be a registered member with them.

Extra tips to find affordable furniture

If you are looking to make a bargain on your furniture purchase, you shouldn’t attach yourself too much on brand names. You want to look at for the best cheap furniture stores that are running discount and value sales. Don’t be shy to head over to a garage sale or even a thrift store. There are some fantastic deals you can get in either of these places.

If you are a DIYers, then you are in for a treat as there are some hidden gems you can find that just require a few touches here and there to bring them up to your taste. That vintage trunk can be turned into a beautiful coffee table.

When buying furniture, you need to consider, the quality, price, selection, and delivery options. Even if the store has you required piece in top condition and within your budget, it won’t be advisable to shop with them if they don’t have active delivery services and selection of pieces to pick from.

Furniture Price

The price of any furniture usually plays a key role if it is a bestseller amongst shoppers. It should be noted that price doesn’t equate to quality at times when it comes to furniture. Even the cheapest furniture stores can offer top-quality furniture.

Getting the best quality furniture at a pocket-friendly price, usually dependent on your planning, and also the time and place you shop.

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